Monday, May 31, 2010

Here at my Lola (?) Chona's Birthday Celebration

It's been a long time na hindi ako nagpost ah. Hmm. Almost 2 .. 3 weeks? Wala naman kasi dapat ikwento eh. Out of ideas na 'ko since bakasyon. Sana magpasukan nalang. *sigh*

So anyway, I'm here at my grandfather's sister. It's Lola/Ate Chona's birthday. Haha I don't know if I should call her Ate or Lola because it feels like she's younger than she actually looks. She's al;ready 53 yet I think that she's only around 30. But because she's my Papa Boy's sister, I should rather call her Lola, don't you think? We came here at her house 1 hour ago, exactly 9PM. We did our usual routine of visiting our relatives, greeting, eating then talk. But because I'm only 13 years old, I'm kinda out of place in here. Well, there's Jonas, Liezel and others who are the same age as I am but we're not really close. It's funny because when I'm at my barkada's place I feel so comfortable, yet when it comes to relatives the shy part of me shows.

Lola Chona notice that I'm starting to get bored so she let me barrow their desktop computer. Oh and I realize that my laptop is a lot faster than I thought it was. Haha! Well, i'm not insulting other's PC, I'm just telling the truth. (I'm so meanie eh?)

I want to continue watching anime but I'm using other's PC. My, my..
I'm thinking what I should do, hm. Youtube? Facebook? WAAAAH !! I'm completely BORED.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my new look :)


It seems na marami na shock sa biglang paghaba ng buhok ko,
mabilis kasi humaba buhok ko eh, hindi normal.
Ako lang nag gugupit ng bangs ko, sanay na kasi ako.
Hay bahala na. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

K-ON :)


Many asks me what's the song title of the song on my jukebox (you're listening to it actually)
Well, it's an anime OST called "K-ON"
They have many soundtracks on mixpod and youtube, see it for yourselves.
Watch it for free. click here

They love resting and having teatime on they're OWN club.

They're cool eh? :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My throat aches T_T

Sakit talaga lalamunan ko. Galing lang ako sa SM Bacoor, niyaya ako ni Mama Mely. May show daw kasi ang Diz Iz It ng GMA. Actually, hindi naman ako nanonood nun. Kasi solid Showtimer ako :) So anyway, when we got there, hindi rin namin pinanood. Ang sikip kasi and wala na kami makita. We decided na manood nalang kami ng sine. 'Yung "Here Comes The Bride" starring Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, John Lapuz etc. Okay lang naman, nakakatawa. Enjoy naman kahit papaano. And then pagkatapos namin manood, tuloy kami sa TCA. Bumili kami ng headset kasi sinira ni Daddy 'yung old one. And then, pumunta kami sa SM Department Store. Bumili kami ng dalawang flipflops na BananaPeel, tig-isa kami. Size 5 paa ko, same size with Mama Mely. Pareho lang kami ng liit ng paa. Kaya nga 'yung ibang sandals niya ako nagamit. Haha. Swerte ko naman, mga Parisians at Sketchers kasi mga footwears niya :) And then 'di na kami nag abala at umuwi na. So ngayon, tinest ko 'yung headset kung nagana. Luckily, nagana naman. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010


Waah ! Pumunta ngayon sina Juriel pati 'yung sinasabi niyang Anthony dito mismo samin. Oh my goodness, idk what to do. Nakita sila ni Te Mi, akala niya mga classmate ko sila, taz sabi ko hindi naman. Nagpakita si Juriel, nasara ko yung gate namin kasi nakasilip lang naman ako. Nagsasabit ako dun dahil hindi ko alam ang gagawin. Goodness! Wala akong masabi! Kuuuu BULILIT ka! Tinotohanan niya yung sinabi niyang pupunta sil dito samin! Sabi ko naman sa kanya sa chat na try niya lang! WaAAH ! DI ko naman alam na gagawin niya nga! Ang panget ko pa naman nun kasi 'ni suklay hindi ko nagawa .. Haha !!! Bahala na nga! Sabi niya ang gara ko daw. Nag bike lang sila papunt dito, hiyang hiya tuloy ako. :(

What music are you listening to today?

mellow music :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teen's discovery could save millions of lives


Teen's discovery could save millions of lives
E. coli poisoning is a huge problem in Third World countries, mostly due to poor sanitation. Millions of kids die every year from the severe diarrhea it causes. There is no quick cure, because most available shots require refrigeration.

For years, scientists have been working to find what can kill E. coli. Well, finally, someone found it. It turns out there is a good bacteria in yogurt that secretes a protein that kills E. coli. We know this now because a very smart, hard-working researcher discovered the ripe old age of 13.

Serena Fasano, now 16 years old, earned a patent recently on her discovery, so we thought we'd interview her on "360." We learned Serena has spent countless hours of her free time in a lab and that she's very, very bright. She's also a normal high school kid with lots of friends. Yet, this "normal" kid's after-school activities could soon save the lives of millions of children.

What were you doing during your teen years? Actually, don't answer that. Better question is -- were you in a lab every day after school and on weekends looking for medical discoveries? Exactly.

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