Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sorry for all the late updates, anyway..
It's already 28th of Novermber, *wheuw* How time flies nga naman 'di ba?
So, tama na ang emote sa'kin blog and it's time to show the bright side. :)

Malapit na ang birthday ni Alwie and I've got to do something.
Yet, I don't have any money to buy something for him.
A little help would do bloggerista.
Hmm. I can't really think of something.
Hindi ko pa alam kung saan ako kukuha ng money?
I'm getting poor na. LOLjk

I'm currently watching One Piece. I'm already at episode 274 out of 477! WOAH.
Yeah, I know I know. Masyadong mahaba. But who cares? I'm enjoying seeing how Luffy and his 'nakama' fight with those bad villains. (Nakama means friends, comrade, whatever but not as close as lover) -- Plus, I learned a new Japanese word. How cool is that, hee.

Errr. The dark side is, aburido na naman ako sa mga hindi marunong umintindi sa'kin for joining the FOJ Ministry. But, that's another issue. I'm having fun hanging out with Alwie and his cousins, I mean jolly cousins.
Ask me why? Pareho sila ng mga ugali, they all love having fun.
Though, sometimes na a-out of place na ako kasi I feel like I don't belong. Well, sometimes lang naman. :)

I wanna congratulate Alwie Ablola Torrente for winning the title of Mr. Kingsway 2010. Dahil sa kanya, namaos and nanakit ang lalamunan ko plus nagkaroon ako ng trangkaso for 2 days. And dahil d'yan hindi ako nakapasok sa last day ng Foundation Day of our school. Hoo.
Aba, proud ako kasi isa ako sa talagang sumoporta at halos mangiyak ngiyak sa kaba ng mag aanounce ng winner ahh! I was like, staring at one phase and thinking "ALWIE. ALWIE. ALWIE. SIYA ANG MR. KINGSWAY WALA NG IBA. OKAY BHEV, TIME TO BREATH. BREATHHH." Hahaha. Emotera ang lola niyo. So, why am I so supportive to him? None other reason because he's my best friend and I love him for that. Yosa. XD

I was thinking, bakit nga ba hindi ako sumali sa pageant? Well, it's a secret. : >


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